Monday, August 29, 2011

Slowly Recovering

I hate being sick and I hate being in pain and I hate feeling lethargic. Tell you something that is obvious, right?

Four more months til the end of another work year. Lot of changes already so far. Hoping for calmer times for the next little while.

No trips planned until Nov -- Our somewhat yearly return to France. Paris and Nice is like our second home. We can do that trip without much thinking or effort.

My shoulder rehab is coming along OK. I won't be going back to work for another week or so. Expecting to be mostly recovered by then. I can at least do 15 modified push ups now.

Having tracked the flights I was supposed to take I found out the 2nd flight (JFK - Santiago) was delayed likely due to the change in trajectory to avoid the hurricane. It means I would have missed my connection to Buenos Aires.

What an even longer day that would have been. First an eight hour layover (courtesy of all the flight changes), then a 11 hr flight. Wait 3 hrs until the next available flight (if there is room), another 2 hr flight, customs in BA and finally a 40 min cab ride to the apartment.

Pretty unfriendly itinerary. I shudder to think just how tired I would have been. Thankful that things happen for a reason.

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