Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deals and More Deals!

Those daily email deals can be really distracting and evil!

I've found they have appealed to the "wants" list in me. Things I've considered but put off due to price. Now that I am getting some of them at 40 - 50% off, all of a sudden I'm considering it, even though I haven't budgeted for them.

Occasionally we'll get one that is on our "needs" list. It can be a great deal then. We are also taking advantage of new restaurant deals as they price way under what we would normally spend on our monthly anniversary dinners.

I typed too soon yesterday when I said no trips planned until Nov. I have found one, and of course it is at the best price yet -- Just when I didn't think prices could be any lower...It is a continuation of the Greece and Turkey quick tour I did last year. This time including Istanbul and Athens.

I have till tomorrow to decide so I'll be busy today pricing out my own flights and transfers so I can have an overall price to work with. If you haven't already, check out this blog for some amazing inspiration!

We got an answer from D's HR regarding taking time off without pay. They cannot find in policy manuals anywhere that says no, so if it is OK with D's immediate boss, then it can be done. Basically as long as he takes the time off when no major projects need him, it's cool.

I have a feeling D will be using extra off to go skiing. He and I have very different uses of our respective "dream account" monies. He likes stuff ie. cars, specialized coffee makers, watches, foreign magazines etc. while I like to travel.

This is what was delivered to our home while I was away...I'm expecting this to come next.

Have to admit, you can already taste the difference. Apparently, when the next piece gets integrated we will be amazed. It's great to see him so enthusiastic. It's just like me with travel.

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