Friday, August 26, 2011

Buenos Aires Ousted Again

I was supposed to be on a plane today as the long awaited and mult timed postponed trips to Buenos Aires has finally come up.

Alas, I am not and I am now believing the universe does not wish me to venture south to the next continent. As a lot of you know, this is my 4th attempt.

The signs haven't been all bad. For example, the currency exchange I use was actually able to get me Argentine Pesos in small denominations. They have issues with fake $100 notes down there so small bills are the way to go, that is if you can find them.

The owners of the apartment I've tried to stay at the last 2 times and the owner before that have been super nice. I think even they are wondering what is going on.

Even the 8 - 8 1/2 hr layovers each way wasn't really going to stop me this time. My flight scheduling experience with LAN have been horrible. Six changes (last one 2 weeks ago) each one making the travelling experience worse. I would not have booked flights that had such long layovers.

I wanted to try the local national airline as I have had good experiences with KLM, Alitalia, Icelandair, Swiss Air etc.

But what has really stopped me is a wrenched shoulder 2 weeks ago. I had hoped it would have gotten better by now but it has stalled in the "still really bad" stage, even with drugs.

Work has been really tough because of it and getting treatment for it has hurt but it is a "good" hurt, if you know what I mean. Considering I've worked with broken ribs and wrist, this one has bugged me more.

I cannot imagine having to lug around a backpack, knapsack or purse for any period of time.

The thought had crossed my mind to just go anyways since I might as well be in pain in a new exciting place...that's the 26 yr old me speaking. The near 40 yr old is hunting for another trip...

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