Friday, June 10, 2011


I don't want to save 100% of my income. That's too boring. And I do not believe it is necessary. So I am going to start with 85% and see how that goes.

The other 15% will be my fun money and it will be a raise compared to what I was getting from Friday income. Should I desire more spending money, then I'll change that ratio to a maximum of 50%.

An update on the Turbo hub antenna... The first time it worked really well! The next day, we couldn't even get one laptop going well. Turned out there was something going on with the Bell Tower as my cell phone wasn't receiving anything.

Last weekend when D was up, he had no troubles. The antenna was purchased off of an eBay vendor for around $36US plus shipping.

Turns out, we got a deal on our contract with Bell as we noticed the prices have gone up since. We got a 2 year contract. Hopefully prices will still be reasonable come renewal time and most certainly better, newer technology too.

We are also loving the drive up on a Thursday night vs. Fridays. So far so good and what a difference! It is shaping up to be a great summer season.

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