Sunday, June 12, 2011

Airstream Tour

We did something educational and fun over the weekend. Ever since I saw a documentary on Airstreams, I've been wanting to see one in person. Sure, I've seen them on the highway but I really wanted to go inside one.

I finally got that chance and was it ever fun. They are really neat. We started with their smallest sport models and moved up to the 30+ ft ones. They know it is really hard to consider the smaller ones once you've been around the larger ones.

Our vehicle has a lot of towing power so it wouldn't have a problem but I can't really see myself pulling it around all over the place. What I can see myself doing is buying a piece of land (that would allow trailers) and putting one there permanently ie. in Nfld.

We were both so glad to have had the chance to go through one. They were as cool as I imagined. But, you should have seen my face when it was suggested it was possible to amortize the cost of one over 25 yrs!

I've never taken longer than 7 yrs to pay off any of my houses ($145K - $285K). I cannot believe people would chose an option like that for something in the $55000 price tag. You wouldn't even get that option for a car!

Like most specialty vehicles (car, boat etc), there are specific extra costs that come along with it -- special toilet paper, chemicals, smaller sized everything that costs a lot more...There is a definitely lifestyle cost attached to it.


  1. Airstreams are really nice. I can't imagine pulling one around either, but it would be a great way to travel. I once looked at an older one that I would have paid cash for, but it needed too much work. I didn't realize you had to buy special toilet paper. If it costs a lot to maintain, it wouldn't be the best fit for me.

  2. I have always wanted an Airstream...I'd sell my house in a second and buy one if I had a cool place to park it on and live. Very cool that you got a tour. 25 years to pay one off thou yikes!!!

  3. Hi Jan;

    It's amazing how all the little things add up. But, if it were to be someone's permanent home, the total numbers might just be OK compared to all the regular expenses that come with home ownership. At least you know that you will not have to re-shingle a roof.

    Hi Sue!

    I think that is the challenge. Even in fairly remote areas of Ontario, there are township laws again putting a trailer (no matter how cool) on a plot of land.

    As I am not sure about committing and living in a trailer park, that doesn't leave many other options.

    Yup, I can't imagine just how much they make on interest, amortizing something like that for that long.