Monday, June 13, 2011

Too Much

D has an unfortunate car mishap on the way to the cottage last weekend. A flap of something rubbery flew up in the air and hit his car on the bumper. It managed to cause mini cracks on the clear coat and almost knocked out the grill protective cover over his fog light.

He has not had the best luck with vehicles lately. In our garage, he dropped something made of hard plastic onto my car and the result were 4 vertical scrapes I had to touch up. This incident was preventable and we have chalked it up to mental exhaustion and subsequent clumsiness.

We have subsequently decided that he will no longer accept extra contract work during the warmer months as the increased outdoor housework makes life too hectic. And in reality, his contract work pay doesn't go to savings. It is more fun money and we can live without it.

I have one more Friday to work and will move into official semi-retirement. Pretty exciting! How long will that phase last? To be honest, I hope for a while as I still want and need to save. Plus I am also curious to find out if I will achieve a better stress balance at work. I can hardly believe I will be celebrating my 14th year of practice this summer.

Our exterior painting projects are more than 1/2 done. We went at it for about 6 hrs yesterday (lost track of time) but the results are worth it. With the weather being so unpredictable this year, we feel we need to take advantage of what workable weather we get.

I'm anxiously awaiting strawberry season to start.

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