Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Maintenance Update

We will be flying Air Transat to Venice. They offer a direct flight from Toronto vs. the last time I few, which was via Amsterdam.

The price was lower than the major carriers but more importantly, the flight times worked better but we won't be receiving any extra points. As this is my first dealing with them, I'll report back my opinions after.

A message arrived from the cottage roofer (while we were outside painting) letting us know the job has been completed. And most importantly, there were no surprises or extra expenses.

We were mildly concerned that boards would have to be replaced. I wasn't joking when I described the previous roofing job as somewhat a "disaster". I'm just grateful it lasted until I was ready to have it replaced.

We allotted $4500 to the job (just in case there were extras) and we will be needing just over $4000. So the $500 extra will be shifted towards our partial home roof and window replacement which is in the $1500 cost range.

It is so nice to have big jobs like this completed, especially when you are relying on others to do it. We just faxed through the signed agreement for our house job and the estimated time when our job will be completed is in the 4 - 6 wk range.

By then we hope our outdoor painting will be completed. Our goal is to avoid strenuous outdoor work during the high humid times. I certainly feel for those professions who are at the mercy of extreme heat.

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