Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roofing Tip

Because of our upcoming getaway, we will not be able to see the result of the cottage roof replacement until the end of the month. Which brings me to a valuable roofing tip.

Make an effort to visit a roofing supply place where they have moderately large samples of the various shingles up on display. Not the hand held boards with a couple of shingles, or worse, the page with a 2 inch version of the shingle.

You really don't get the full effect of the colour or texture until you see a few rows of it installed like it would be on your roof.

For the cottage, we didn't know about contractor roofing supply places so we went to a local home supply center and agonized over the mini samples they had. I had pictures of our existing roof on my Blackberry and D and I must have looked like fools looking at the phone and holding the tabs up the light...

When we finally made it to the proper roofing place, we were able to see the real thing. Thankfully, we made a great choice for the cottage and had we gone with the other one, it would have been great too (phew!).

For the house, it was trickier in some ways. As we are doing a partial replacement, we were looking to match the colour with what is currently the rest of the roof as we like that colour. Once we saw the 2 colours this roofer recommended, it was a no brainer. We only liked the one.

For those who wish more details, we went with a 30 yr shingle for the cottage and a 50 yr shingle for the house. It was what was recommended to us.

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