Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Coming Together

I'm late with my bi-yearly dental check up so it's off to the dentist for me today. Yuck! I'm not a fan and am one of those people who gets nervous at the sounds of dental drills.

The roofer I have been waiting for has answered my questions and we will be firming up our contract with him after we decide on shingle colours this weekend. Am so relieved to have it so close to completion -- At least on my end.

I've figured out where the monies will be coming from. The roofer up north does not take credit card but the local one here does so at least I get some points out of it.

I just got notified our $50 gas card courtesy of MasterCard is on its way. After my car expense next week, I'll be getting another one from Visa too.

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