Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Day

Well, it has been 1 month since I've stopped putting prepayments towards the mortgages. Haven't missed it for 1 second. It's nice to see savings accounts build up again.

I've declared myself officially done the mortgage payment game. I handed the baton to D who gratefully accepted it. Now I am working on my long term career plans -- How to handle Fridays, drop them or work them around my life? I'm working 1 Friday a month during the summer. That's all I know for now.

My first German car test came this week in the form of a "check engine" light. The first thought in my head was "Here we go...the universe is testing my resolve here...". Never in my 14 yrs of Honda ownership had I ever gotten a "check engine" light come on. So my first trip to the dealership is coming right up.

The fellow who was supposed to give us an estimate for the cottage roof insulation stiffed D this weekend. I'm not happy about that and have received no message from him. Onto the next company. At first I was going to call and then I thought, if this is the way they run their business, I don't wish to engage with them any further.

I spending a lazy day catching up on reading. It's nice to be able to putter away. Our trip to Venice is around the corner. Time to bring out the good ole Italian phrase book for a whirl.


  1. So you are no longer making mortgage prepayments? Or you personally are no longer making financial decisions about progress toward that goal?

  2. @ The Executioner;

    Nope! I've overpaid by $133K. I am so glad to be finally able to let it go mentally, I cannot even describe the relief.

    I liken it to doing a job that isn't mine and not listening to the person whose job it is telling me to stop (D).

    I still manage the day to day finances of our household. My income is going towards other things now, mainly my retirement savings as D now has a full pension.

    So in a sense, I have been mortgage free for a while but couldn't, wouldn't acknowledge or believe it.

    When I get my $133K back in the form of an annuity from D, then we'll be considered truly 50:50 partners in the real estate sense...unless I decide to buy another property...