Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's All Coming Together

Can you believe it? We actually got a quote from a roofer at exactly the time he said he would get it to us! I can hardly believe it. And to top that, we met another roofer yesterday. Maybe spring is just slow to spring this year?

The first quote is for the cottage. And I had just called on Tues. When we were up there for the long weekend, D and I decided it was time. We've owned it for 8 years now and it had been replaced 2 owners before. It was a do it yourself job and I humbly would suggest I could have done much better. Even the roofer called it a bit of a mess.

So it is time. I don't have confidence it can make through another winter. The quote is in the $4500 range for a one floor 700 square foot property. We have $6000 set aside for it so am happy to come under. We are going to confirm the job tonight and it should be done within a month.

The roofer we met yesterday was for the sun room and we were told the quote will arrive via email. It hasn't gotten here yet but D has worked with the company before and he is optimistic. We also asked for an entire roof quote as a fyi to see if what we've put aside is on target with current rates. They are hopefully going to be replacing a window or 2 for us as well.

If this quote is reasonable, they've got the job. I'm not going to chase the last roofer who was here 2 1/2 wks ago for his quote if they are not interested enough in the job to reply.

I did book the cool trip to Scandinavia and Russia for later this summer. It more than makes up for my cancelled one to Iceland and Stockholm last month as well as my cancelled time off last summer due to my office move. I'm a bit overwhelmed from the excitement and scope of it. Time to look into getting a Russian tourist visa.


  1. We recently requested several quotes for materials and labor to have some work done on our house. i made an identical list of the materials, and e-mailed to several building supply stores for quotes. I was shocked to discover that the materials amounts quoted by the contractors was higher (approx. 30%) than what I could purchase the same items for. i don;t mind paying a fair amount for labor, but don't want to be gouged on the materials. Just passing this bit of information your way because it helped us make a better informed decision about which bid to accept.

  2. Hi Adam;

    Thanks for your great tip! Neither quote I got included a price list for materials so I can't tell what the mark up is. I'll be sure to ask now.