Tuesday, May 24, 2011


D and I have decided to give a couple of those daily deals a try. One is for a Japanese restaurant and the other a fun day out at an amusement park.

We are hoping our experiences will allow us to save on our usual monthly outings and get us out to new places. Guess exposure is the point of the deals. Maybe we'll find some new favourite spots.

For some reason, I've caught the moving bug. It's not like me to feel this way. I tend to enjoy buying places but selling them is a nightmare for me.

I think I just like the exercise of wondering what type of house would I like now, knowing what I know now? In reality, it is more accurate to say what else would I like in addition to what I already have?

My current answer would be a larger garage and driveway. A finished basement preferably with a walk out to the back yard. A larger, more private lot, perhaps in the country.

Of course that would mean I would have a larger commute again. And the price tag for those additional features translates into an extra $150K than what our home would be worth. And depending on where we go, property taxes could skyrocket. Country living can also mean well water and septic systems.

On a travel note, caught wind of a great trip to Scandinavia and Russia this summer...I'm giving myself 24hrs to sleep on it...


  1. Enjoyed your post. My spouse and I also have the moving bug, but for a little different reason. Like a lot of people, we're underwater in our current home, and will need to own it for quite a while until the market value appreciates. However, there are a lot of quality properties on the market that previously we could not afford, but are very attractively priced in today's market. So, we're thinking seriously about buying something else (better) in the down market and renting our current home. Our struggle is to risk adding more debt to buy a great property, and ride out the bear market with a rental home.

  2. Thanks Adam. Which State do you live in? If the rental market is good in your area and the rent more than covers the mortgage, then the risk is worth considering. Personally, I'm risk adverse so I would need to know that I can handle both mortgages before making a move. Good luck with your decision!