Monday, May 2, 2011

Cost Per Use

We have been gliding along with double the food account money for the last couple of months. Today we did a larger Costco shop as our membership expires April so that we don't have to renew for a few months.

That is one reason I don't have the "Costco American Express" card as you then have to renew right on time. Last year we bought gift cards so that we could still purchase without renewing yet.

Our cost of membership goes down per month this way. Being just the 2 of us, we don't shop there as often as full size families do but find enough savings in what we do buy to justify continued membership.

The last week off has been great. I was pretty productive and got 90% of my list of clean out/organization stuff done. Am a bit tired heading back to work this week and as usual, will need a couple of days before I am revved back up to full frequency.


  1. You had a busy and productive week off! We don't live near a Costco and I've never been to one, but would like to see what they're like.

  2. Hi Jan!

    I like Costco. It is set up like a warehouse so no pretty staging or anything. There are some good deals to be had but high temptation to buy larger amounts of things you may not get through in time though.