Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Ready

D and I have a few exterior house maintenance jobs on tap this summer. The largest one involves painting -- Garage door, exterior doors, trim and sunroom. We've decided on the colour so it is now a matter of weather cooperation to mark the start.

Eventually we will have to replace the garage door and opener but I hope it can hang in there for a few more years yet. The current door is made of wood. I will go with a metal one next time as it is much lighter and easier to maintain.

May 1st is the start of our time of use electrical billing in our area. We have already started doing laundry on weekends. Drying laundry is usually outside during the summers.

We finished installing blinds on all south facing windows and they will be closed during the day time to help deflect heat away as to lower the amount of AC usage. I'm curioius to see our first bill as we believe ourselves to be quite conservative already.

I've found someone to take down the dead tree at the cottage. No reply yet from the prospective roofer for the sunroom.

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