Friday, April 29, 2011

Odd Jobs

The flashing as well as the roof over our sun room is getting old and is in need of replacement. We have experienced some leakage along the edge of an exposed brick wall. As our flooring is tile, it didn't case any damage.

D is pretty handy. Has done some roofing but doesn't feel confident about the flashing part. So I am in the midst of looking for a contractor to get the job done. I'm not expecting this to be an expensive job as the roof area is small.

We lucked out on finding a fellow to remove a tree at the cottage for a reasonable price. The last dead tree we took down cost $475. This one is coming in at $282.50, much better.

D is making another attempt this year to open the cottage without professional help. Fingers crossed all the elements will be in alignment and the savings will be around $200.

We have various "working accounts" in place to handle small fixes without any hesitation. Large scale jobs like entire roofs, car, furnace, hot water heater replacement etc. are funded from our non registered accounts.

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