Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better Health

Stress and I are not strangers. I can get so stressed I need to take a homeopathic stress remedy to calm me down. About 12 yrs ago, I had my first anxiety attack.

I live (and I think a lot of others do too) with a certain level of background stress. It isn't until I have free time, vacation time, walking or running time I tune into just how stressed out I really am.

My normal behavior is to override it and keep going. I'll catch up with it/myself later. Not the most healthy coping habit.

The single most thing that stresses me most is money -- How to continue earning it happily. Followed closely by how my management of it affects my relationship with D.

He feels I'm too strict. I'm tense from forcing myself to be strict. My refusal to believe we are OK and will be OK. It hinders the level of enjoyment I have in my work. A big vicious circle.

I have no big answers other than to enact some small stress reduction changes. Little by little they will add up to major significance and better health.

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