Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cost of Liquids

A lot of our local news has to do with the price of gasoline. People are getting pretty outraged by the high prices.

When you compare the relative costs of the various types of fluids we consume, it turns out gasoline isn't the worst culprit.

Check out this fun list.

D and I do not have a water dispenser at home. We are good with tap water and will use a Brita filter.

I'm not much of a drinker so alcohol is purchased for entertaining. D will have the occasional beer but you will not see it in our fridge often.

Can't say I'm much of a milk drinker either. D is, so we buy it in the 4L bags.

Coffee is one area D will spend on. Whereas I will buy nail polish and lotion. We spend as little as we can on decent shampoo. I do own a couple bottles of perfume but rarely use it.

When you look at liquids this way, all of a sudden paying for premium gas doesn't seem too bad!

ps. I too have lost my replies to comments from the last Blogger update.


  1. The price of gas is in the news pretty much daily everywhere it seems. Last week it was reported it would be going down, and it did, but it was up again the next day. I think it's a tough one because it's something people need and can't always do without. I'm going to check out the list you linked to.

  2. I, like most people, hate the rising cost of gasoline. It is interesting how many will pay $1.50 for a 16 ounce bottle of water, but complain about $4.50 for a gallon of gas, with little consideration of the costs required to extract crude from the ground, refine, and transport to the market.

  3. Love it. I really must cut down on my venom purchases!!

  4. Hi Jan;

    It is a necessity for all of us that need to commute. I found the list interesting because I never considered just how much all my regularly used "liquids" cost and what a big price difference it can be.

    Hi Adam;

    This is precisely why I found the list so much fun to read!

    Hi Lizzie!

    I was thinking of exactly the same thing!