Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Kinds of People

I spent the morning putting out all the various "fires" related to my business. None of it too crazy, just time consuming. Stuff that would fester if I left it for later.

D and I were at a casual meet and greet the other night at our local business association and one of the couples we met (not sure how they got invited) stood out in our both of our minds for different reasons.

There is an age and generation gap between the couple of 11 yrs. You can think of the older of the 2 as young for her age and the younger one as really young for his age. The 2 of them together made for an interesting combination.

The girlfriend is educated but is tired of her job. She has no passion for it and am hoping for a quick buck online. So she has started a blog and has heard that through advertising, you can make enough to pay rent.

The boyfriend is not post secondary educated and works in a factory. His social life (now hers too) and conversation comprises of his friends' accomplishments and perks.

This couple basically goes around to neighbours and friends for free meals and "weekend away" trips. They have no problem sleeping in garages or basements or floors or using someone's hot tub when they are not there. And they are proud of their very full social life and who they know.

What do they offer in return? From what we heard, not much, maybe leftover wedding wine...

The crazy thing, is that they seem very happy!

Call us jaded or whatever, but we cannot relate to that type of lifestyle. The girlfriend is a year younger than me. I guess if the people they hang with don't mind it, then what is the problem?

It is hard for D and I who are self made to consider the idea of "couch surfing" or going over to someone's house at supper time to get invited for a meal. I know how it can take a community to raise a child, but really?


  1. I agree. Who's the problem? Is it the freeloaders, or the enablers? I think if given the choice between being productive, and starvation, most would choose to actually contribute. Perhaps the well-meaning person who invited the couple to the business mixer was possibly trying to introduce these underachievers to a different (better) mindset.

  2. Hi Adam;

    I never thought of it with regard to enabling. Can't relate to why someone would do that. Out of pity?

    They are a fun couple to be around for the first 1/2 hr. Then the truth of their "glamourous" life starts coming out.

    Time will tell if a change in mindset will happen with this couple.

  3. What always surprises me is how 2 weird characters end up meeting each other:-) The reason they are "enabled" by other people is , I think, because they appeal to very basic needs - food and shelter - which we have in abundance here in Canada. I think if things were to progress, if they would like to get money or gifts or valuable things - there will be an end to their lifestyle.

  4. Hi Corina;

    There must be something that one lacks that the other has?

    Your theory is quite sound. Relationships/friendships have a give and take quality to it for things to be balanced.

    I know I wouldn't be participating for long if it was just take, take, take, especially when there isn't a real reason for it. There are way more needy causes out there.