Thursday, May 12, 2011

Daily Deals

A friend introduced me to all those "deal" sites and now I get daily "deals" sent to my inbox. They are pretty tempting but I've yet to buy anything even though some of the deals are ridiculously cheap.

Why is that?

I haven't figured it completely out but I'm thinking a lot has to do with loyalty. For example, one of the first ones I got was for a spa. You can go get a facial, a few other things for $39 or thereabouts.

That is crazy cheap. My facials cost $115. I've tried other places in the past and they have not come close to what I get at my usual spot. Ditto with hair salons.

Thanks to google street maps, I can see what and where this new deal location is all about and this time, it was located at a seedy strip mall with terrible parking. Not a location I would go to and certainly no where close to where I go now.

I can see myself buying into one of these deals for a restaurant I haven't been to yet. But, as a person of habit, I have a core group of places I frequent. Now I'm sounding old and inflexible!


  1. We've used restaurant deals in the past while visiting larger cities. My daughter goes to grad school in a metro area and got a great groupon deal on organic produce.

    I like google maps too to get an idea of what an area is like. We used it when deciding which apartments to look at before my daughter moved.

  2. I have tried a couple and they have been great but I do know what you mean. I had someone clean my house for £35! Another time i bought Bodyshop vouchers at less than half price. Both good deals but like you I am cautious.