Sunday, April 10, 2011

Portable Internet

We signed up for the "turbo hub" (portable Internet device) and tested it out at the cottage this weekend.

Our verdict is, with one computer, slightly slower than home but will work just fine. With 2 laptops, it slows down quite a bit.

D found out there is an antenna you can buy which is supposed to boost signals so we'll see how that works once it comes in.

We lucked out with the set up cost. The hubs were just marked down a day before we arrived to buy it so we got to save $20. We signed up for a 2 year contract at about $35/month.

This hub will be replacing our Internet at the ski condo. Yearly costs are still higher though.

The real gain is the ability to go to the cottage on a Thursday night as D works remote Fridays allowing us to avoid the typical Friday night cottage traffic. That in itself will raise our quality of living.

And on long weekends, we would just come home on the Sunday, again avoiding traffic and getting time at home too, rather than rolling into town the day before going back to work.

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