Monday, December 20, 2010

Ungrateful People

It hardly seems possible that I've been off for 5 days already. The journey to get here involved a flight cancellation but we were put up at a really nice hotel courtesy of the airline. I have no complaints but I sure heard a lot of complaints from fellow air passengers.

Having experienced flight cancellations before due to weather, I know that airlines are not obliged to provide anything to you. However, we got food and hotel vouchers.

D and I both agreed that travelling during a major holiday brings one in contact with a lot of people who are not accustomed to travelling. So you end up needing extra time to deal with the sheer volume of people as well as getting through security because inevitably there are still many who do not realize there are liquid and gels restrictions.

One lady stood out because of loudness. I was checking D and I in at the complementary hotel when she (standing beside me) really laid into the fellow at the front desk for no reason. She was livid because she felt the airline didn't do enough for her. I turned and gave her a "what do you have to complain about" look.

The hotel even kept the otherwise closed restaurant open for the 9 of us who were involved in the flight delay. She even complained about how early she would have to get up for the free breakfast the next morning so that she could make it to her flight. Unbelievable.

Meanwhile D has his own rude adventure outside of the hotel by the shuttle that brought us from the airport to the hotel. Our luggage was the first to come off the bus and he witness everyone else just standing there while the really nice van driver climbed into the back of the van to push luggage out. No one came forward to pull their luggage off. They just stood there.

D ended up shuttling luggage out to people and did not hear one word of thanks nor did he witness anyone give the driver a tip. What is going on with people?


  1. It's kind of sad how the holidays don't bring out the best in a lot of people. Pay it forward and gratefulness go a long way. Have a great holiday season regardless of all the grumps out there.

  2. It is rather amazing how many people feel entitled to dump on anyone in their way if their day's not going quite right. I am always stunned by that type of behaviour. How is it anyone's 'fault'? It's called the weather.
    Someone should explain to them that snow is not really under the control of the airline. Unreal. Thank you for continuing to demonstrate good behaviour and spread kindness. It's our job as travelers :)

  3. Hi Sue and Colleen!

    Yes it is and I feel it negates the meaning of Christmas altogether. What is the use of only being kind to family while being rude to others?

  4. PS: Have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!