Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Savings & Cash Flow

D has been officially done probation since mid Nov. What that means is he is now allowed to participate in a whole host of savings plans which serve to augment his pension.

We have decided he is going to start with 2 of those -- The pension top up plan and the employee ownership plan. Basically it is taking advantage of the company's free money when you make a contribution.

I am still working on next year's cash flow projections based on my work numbers. To be conservative, I will likely make my income projections slimmer than what I've seen since starting on my own just in case.

The rental income I am getting from renting out my office space has increased our cash flow and should it continue for next year (I don't foresee an issue with this), we will be seeing more disposable income.

D is enthused about the idea of having more fun money whereas I am slightly concerned I will fall off the wagon with my spending. It is far too easy for me to spend money.


  1. Yes, it is soooo easy to spend money isn't it? Far easier than saving it or using it for paying down debt, but you are "in the groove" and I think you'll do fine with a bit of extra disposable income. I have to figure out how to manage on less as I will have more deductions starting on Jan. 1st until the end of Aug. Not looking forward to crunching the numbers!!

  2. I'm finding I'm much better paying off debt than I am saving and if I give myself any room to spend..I spend!!

    Good luck sorting out next years cashflow


  3. What I do to avoid spending "extra" is just plough more into my automatic savings whenever "extra" comes along. That way it's another "bill" taken out of my account, and I don't see the money. A bit of a head game, but it's worked so far. You can do it-you're a smart cookie. :)

  4. Hi Jane;

    Too easy to spend money is right and much more fun! Good luck with working out your cash flow for the deduction months!

    Hi laura;

    Me too. As much as it is motivating to see debt numbers go down, it doesn't measure against the fun of seeing a new place or a good restaurant meal....which tend to cost $.

    Hi psychsarah;

    Great idea! You are so right about it being a head game.