Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Man vs Mother Nature

I've been following the numerous airport delays and closures. It is amazing just how disrupted this holiday travel season has been for many countries in Europe. The scale is mind boggling.

I'm sure many of you have heard the comments on the daily news. Most of the comments are frustrated in nature.

For D and I, should we ever find ourselves in the same predicament, we'd abort the trip altogether. Airlines will offer a refund or the ability to rebook for later.

It is easy for us to make this decision because we are not hung up on "the day". We would just visit another time.

I can understand for some people, there may not be the opportunity to move a holiday. But what can we do when mother nature doesn't behave in a way that coincides with our human plans? We are so small in comparison.

In other news, we are really enjoying the Knowledge Network this year. I've learned a lot from their great programming.


  1. Well I saw in the "news" that the Kardashians made it home after being stranded in an airport for a couple of days. So there's hope for everyone else I guess:) I say just relax and enjoy the moment - it could be a great adventure and provide great fodder for around the water cooler in January.

  2. My co-worker has been stuck, with her husband and two sons, at Heathrow for five days now! They are going to try to fly back to Canada rather than on to India as originally planned. Her email from the airport hotel sounded upbeat, and she said they are just happy to be safe and together.

  3. That's funny Jane! You have a great attitude!

    Hi Karissa;

    I think they are wise as India isn't what I would consider close and they have missed at least 5 days already.

    Also, how parents handle situations like this will serve to teach their sons about what is really important.

    They are doing a great job with that.

    Merry Christmas to you both!