Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just a Guess

It's just a hypothesis but I'm beginning to believe people show a lot of their personas on the ski hill, especially after getting off a ski lift.

We have been able to identify a number of personality types. I would venture as far as to postulate those traits may be similar in the way they handle money.

Here is my not so scientific take on things:

Persona A: The skier/boarder who quickly scrambles off to one side after falling. This person shows awareness and consideration. I would have more confidence this person would be considerate and careful in the other aspects of their lives. They appear to recognize that there is something to lose should an injury occur and also do not want to be a cause of one.

Persona B: The skier/boarder who stays where they are after falling, not look around and expect others to go around. No care or consideration for others or self. The world revolves around me. Huge ego. Nothing could possibly go wrong. I could see someone like this be adamant about being right. Not performing due diligence. Pride getting in the way of common sense.

Persona C: The skier/boarder who is lying down or kneeled right in the middle of a run where people are known to be approaching fast. Inviting danger. Extreme risk taker and gambler. D witnessed an accident the other day where someone got slammed hard and the results were pretty bloody. I'm thinking this type of person would be reckless with money. Easy come, easy go attitude. Believing they are stronger than they are and that they will always land on their feet.


  1. I'd rather be sailingDecember 30, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Interesting observations. Glad to see you and D are avoiding the various 'obstacles' on the hill.

    My son headed back to Whistler yesterday after a holiday back home... he was not looking forward to the crowded slopes this time of year for many of the reasons you mention.

    While not a financial comparison, I officiate a lot of hockey games and it never fails to amaze me the transformation some people undertake once they walk into a hockey rink and watch their son/daughters' game.

    Behaviour I would imagine they would never dream of doing outside seems to become their norm once the game begins.

    Question for you... where do you find your travel deals? Do you use a particular internet site or do you peruse the various airlines directly for deals... if you're willing to share?

    Enjoy your remaining days on the slopes... looks like you will be returning to mild weather here in the East.

  2. I love this! I have a feeling that your analogy is right on and could be applied to a lot of different activities. Sure wish we could find out!!

  3. I just try not to fall over, getting off the lift.
    Joking aside, I make the investing analogy with driving. Some people are very aware, some are very cautious and some are reckless. In fact, it matches your skiing example pretty nicely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. @ I'd rather be sailing;

    One of D's close friends referee in his son's (8 yrs old) hockey league and has heard many stories of the personality changes that seem to occur at the rink. We just shake our heads.

    I worked at a girls' tournament a long time ago and almost got my head bit off by a parent because I wouldn't let his daughter go back on the ice because of what looked like a concussion. It would have been her 3rd and she was 13 yrs old at the time.

    I don't have any magic formula for finding travel deals and would be happy to share what I do. Look for it in a future post.

    Hi Jane!

    Yes, I think a quick interview would answer a lot of questions!

    Hi Robert!

    Yup, I try not to fall too! You are right, the driving analogy is spot on.

    We humans are a never ending source of amusement.