Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Organized

I don't really have anything to wrap up for 2010 that I've not said already. We'll be flying home in a few days and my 2011 work year will start soon enough.

Am I ready? Am I ever really ready is probably a better question! I'm not convinced I'm ever really ready to jump back into work. I just do it.

The 2011 travel plans are a much more interesting topic. The trips are not spread out as evenly as I'd like due to availability of deals and low season timing. I'm lucky I do not prefer scorching hot weather. The budget goes further this way.

This is the first time I ended one year with travel plans the following year sorted out and 90% paid for as well. Never have I been this organized.

Since my new office started, I've found I needed to be more efficient in my personal life because there isn't as much time anymore for casual searching.

My goal is to maintain a high work concentration next year and know that at certain points of the year, I'll get to see some cool new places and all I have to do is pack and get to the airport. The details are all set.

A whole lot of peace comes along with that.

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