Friday, December 31, 2010

Sad News

We received some sad news this morning.

A colleague of D's died last night at age 40. He had been battling cancer for the last few years and had been given a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately it came back with a vengeance and things moved back too quickly. He is survived by his wife and 2 kids, both under the age of 10.

I haven't made it to my 40th birthday yet and when you hear of news like this, it really makes you think about how you are spending your time and how you are treating others along the way.

We will make it home in time for the funeral and visitation.

This is a reminder for all of us to live while we still can. Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous 2011.


  1. Good advice - we never know when it will be "our time" so we need to remember to live each day to its fullest. That is a tragedy indeed for that family.

  2. I'd rather be sailingDecember 31, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    Not great news for D and you to end the year on...

    Thank you for sharing in 2010. I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2011. All the best to you and D in the days and months ahead.

  3. Hi Jane;

    Isn't it easy to get all caught up in the everyday and lose sight of the big picture -- ie. not being able to enjoy the everyday? Funerals for the young take on such a different energy.

    Hi I'd rather be sailing;

    No, not at all but that is life isn't it?

    Thank you for the well wishes!