Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am currently experiencing a bit of debt fatigue with respect to my somewhat insane mortgage prepayments. Total principal reduction last month on both mortgages amounted to $7094.

I'm happy to see the numbers go down dramatically but I'm thinking a more balanced approach this month will make my other accounts and me happier.

We would like to make up for the amount we spent on D's Subaru as well as the chunk we just spent on our new patio set. Both were paid for with existing funds leaving a bit of hole in the accounts.

D doesn't think I'll be able to back off of the prepayments for long. He knows me too well I suppose. It's a game to me. Guess I'm taking a time out for now.

The Bank of Canada rate got raised today by another quarter percentage point. I'll know in a couple of days how much it will affect our mortgage. Shouldn't be too much -- around $6.00 each payment.

When we were in Ottawa over Easter this year and walking towards the market, I hadn't realized until D pointed it out, at one point we were standing right outside the Bank of Canada.

You should have seen me. I freaked out. D couldn't stop laughing at me. (We came to Ottawa so I could take driving lessons from an ex-rally car driver--a subject for a future post.)

You'd think I'd seen some celebrity or something. To be honest I probably wouldn't get that excited if I had but it was the Bank of Canada and my life has been linked with interest rate monitoring for so long that I revere the place where it all goes down.

Next time I going to get a picture of myself standing in front of it. I know what you are all thinking...geek....


  1. Debt fatigue? Did you just invent a new term?

  2. @ The Executioner;

    Nope, can't take credit for it. Gail Vax-Oxlade wrote about it a few months ago and I'm just able to relate to it right now!