Thursday, September 9, 2010


Remember how I had made a mistake in my bank deposit and was happy to find I underestimated by $70? Having the bank correct your mistake cost me $2.35. They called it "interest charges - cash". Not pleased about it especially when I underestimated.

I had an issue with my Blackberry yesterday and after 40 mins on the phone with my provider, everything was cleared up. For some reason I stop getting notifications re: messages and the indicator showed I had voice mail all the time when I didn't. I don't text but when they tried to send me one, I didn't get it either.

It was amazing to me how much they were able to look up on their end. I thought they were going to tell me to go back to the store. How much things have progressed since my "pay as you go" days. I was impressed. I was also happy it wasn't something I did inadvertently.

Some fun news. D and I just put a deposit on a houseboat rental in Amsterdam for the spring. I'm really excited about it as I'm been hankering to go for a year now. D gets another week holiday now so it will make taking trips together easier.

We are still waiting for the "big sale" to happen so we can secure our flights out west for Christmas this year. I had a meeting with my colleague about taking over the administrative work when I'm gone and how it is important for me that they are willing to do it or else it would be much less stressful for me just to close down shop when I'm gone.

I got an affirmative answer about it as they would like to continue working so we'll hammer out a list of opening and closing procedures so that I won't come back to a $600 heating bill or something!


  1. A houseboat! How much fun is that going to be? What a wonderful idea for a city like Amsterdam. I can't wait to see the photos from that :)

    I got dinged big time with an NSF fee (first in a LONG time) - $40!!! Yikes. I won't be doing that again. I double-dipped my auto-payment somehow, so one was returned. :(

    Anyway, you always have something interesting going on and it's nice to (sort of) catch up. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    I'm really excited to be hanging out on a houseboat for the first time, even though it will be early spring and will likely be a bit chilly. If I go later, it gets way too expensive.

    Sorry to hear about the NSF fee. Sometimes little things slip by us. I still don't know how I managed to add wrong. I'm going to be extra diligent now!

    Congrats on getting your stuff sold. It's a great feeling!