Monday, September 13, 2010


Another week starts. I've revamped my spreadsheet to reflect a more moderate approach to my mortgage prepayments. I'll still reach my goal of maxing out the allowable but it will be spread over evenly throughout the year. Not a novel concept albeit a more balanced and cash flow friendly one.

There are a few projects around the house we have added to the wish list. I've already mentioned the roof over the sun room. There are a couple of small windows we'd like replaced. One in the basement and one in the lower level bathroom.

The basement one doesn't open and it would be nice if it did. The one in the bathroom would work better if it was a slide mechanism vs a handle turn one. Otherwise the window works.

I've finally purchased a laptop desk. After using laptops literally on my lap (yes, I ought to know better) for over a decade, I've had enough of the neck strain. It is working really well! I highly recommend not waiting over a decade...

Our increased variable mortgage amounts have updated after last week's interest rate announcement. We will be paying $5.89 more biweekly so close to the $12 a month I had predicated. Our current rates are 2.10% and 2.25% respectively.


  1. Where did you pick up your laptop desk? I don't use my lap - just the kitchen table, but it would be nice to be a bit more portable.

    I thought I was doing well with my 3% variable mortgage - still better than the 5% I was locked in at a couple of years ago though...

  2. Hi JacqJolie!

    I bought it at Staples and am really happy about the price and product. It is the cheapest one they had and in my opinion, the most functional.

    Here's the link to the company and the model I have.

    It's hard to see it in their pictures but there is a wrist support as well.

    I started with a 4.5% variable 3 years ago so it is luck that it has dropped (at the expense of my investments and world economy dropping too). Most of what I read is saying that it won't be heading up that way too quickly but who really knows?

  3. Thanks a bunch for the links! The desk would come in handy on the occasions where I bring the laptop to bed. ;-)

    I hear you on the interest rates. I don't have much of a mortgage left and could pay it off if need be, but I worry about younger friends who are locking themselves into huge mortgages and beautiful houses. Yes, the rates are low now, but I still remember the 80's and my sister's double digit mortgage.