Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Patio Blues

I did it. Managed to get a last minute appointment to get my hair cut. The 8 inch braid is in a bag destined for the affiliated cancer society program. My head feels much lighter and the clock has started for the next donation.

It felt strange for me to be in a salon. I didn't fit in with the chatter that was going on around me. Everyone seemed to be taking their hair very seriously except for me. I was happy to pay just $20 for my cut for my asymmetrical jaw length bob. That's including tip.

Remember the patio set we bought last month? (not sure if I had mentioned or not, come to think of it) Well, it has some problems. Mainly rust where there ought not to be rust. We thought we had gotten the deal on the season when we bought it but now, we're not so sure.

The store we got it from stood behind their product and ordered us a brand new set that just arrived today, 2 days after I placed the phone call explaining our situation.

We just picked it up. It's a good thing we now have 2 cars that can carry stuff because it only took one load. When we moved the first set, D still had his Civic and it wasn't up for the job of carrying a 6 seater patio set.

I've just come back in because I've noticed some potential defects again. We are going to use it for now as it is a long weekend and nothing is going to happen to rectify anything. They told us that should we encounter a problem again, then we'll get a refund and I'll get to go to where I was going to go in the first place to pick out something that will last.


  1. I'd rather be sailingSeptember 7, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    Congrats on your donation... a very selfless act.

    Rusting patio furniture... does planned obsolescence ring a bell? Although it does sound a bit early for this to happen.

    Now I agree with your comment on Hauser furniture... you can probably leave it in your will to a deserving family member, they're built that good, but you do pay for it.

    BTW, nice to see a few posts back that you've sailed (motored) in Colpoy's Bay out of Wiarton. Some of my favourite sailing areas... White Cloud, Little Port Elgin...eastern shores of the fabulous Bruce Peninsula.

    Enjoy the new Hauser set... just a few weekends left this 2010 season.

  2. Hi I'd rather be sailing!

    Hope you have a wonderful time sailing in the North Channel!

    Whenever I think of planned obsolescence, I am reminding of a fridge incident I had when I moved into a new condo years ago.

    It came with new appliances as I bought the model unit. After 1 1/2 weeks of use, the temperature gage died and after 2 fixes and bags of groceries going bad, they wrote the fridge off.

    How did you know I'd actually end up with a Hauser set? You are correct of course and we love it. We went with a cast aluminum set.

    At least half the main level of our house is furnished from Hauser with most pieces in the 7 yr age range and people cannot believe it still looks so great.

    You cannot argue with quality and the universe did not let me get away with trying for something less...when I've known better.

  3. Congratulations on donating your hair. Don't you feel great about it! =) I'm trying to grow my hair long again but had to trim a few inches off the bottom to even it out. Anyway, the hair stylist kept asking me what I prefer. Each time she asked me, I asked her, "What do you think?" simply because I had no preference either way. Plus, I have no clue what’ll look good…

  4. Hi Jersey Mom!

    Welcome back from your vacation! Hope you had a great time in DC. Can't wait to hear about it.

    I'm like you with respect to the stylist. I don't know what would look good. I trust they know more than me.

    Years ago, I went to a fairly avant garde fellow on a recommendation and ended up looking like a bit of an alien for a while.

    Great cut but didn't match my clothes and not practical for what I do. I asked him to tone it down a bit and it was great until I decided not to spend so much for a cut.