Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sort of Staycation?

My second cell phone bill came and it came again with some glaring errors worth about $40. The store manager is on vacation and should be back this week so I'm hoping for another once and for all correction.

Apparently now, I'm told that my plan wasn't eligible for the promotions I was promised when I signed the store manager will need to override the system in order for those errors to go away.

D's paperwork for full time conversion came and he will be getting a signing bonus as well. By the time the tax man gets his share, the remainder of the bonus will be enough to pay some of my business fees due at the end of the year.

Had I not change my place of work, I'd be on vacation this week. Last night a light bulb went on and I declared I was going to treat this week like I'm on vacation so we went out for sushi and had a great time.

This is as close to having a "paid" vacation as I've ever had. Silly, I know, but the mental switch framed things in a much more fun way. We are going for Vietnamese food tonight. Just in case you haven't noticed, food is a big part of a vacation for me... :)

We won't end up spending anywhere close to what I'll be making this week so there will be money left over. How's that for a sort of working staycation!?


  1. Food is a huge part of vacation/staycation for me as well. It is all in your state of mind. I suppose one can be almost anywhere and think of it as a vacation. Afterall, some people even go to a working farm for a family vacation.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    I never believed it until now. It was a good week!