Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Online Banking Blip

I do most of my banking online. Canada has a great online banking system and it is very convenient -- when everything works well, which it does most of the time.

I've recently hit a hiccup. One of my bill payments is floating in the banking never land.

Usually when I pay a bill, the monies are received in about 4 business days or so. This bill payment went out on the 19th of July and has not yet been received at the other end.

So on the phone I go and I call where the monies were supposed to go first to make sure it didn't just arrive. Nope, they do not see it on their end.

Next call is to where the monies originated from and they confirm it was sent on the 19th and I am told it is the destination's fault as their system has not "collected" it.

So an inquiry has been launched which will take up to 2 weeks. The amount in question is $695 and I was advised to pay it again in order not to be charged interest.

Lucky for me, it was supposed to be a payment for charges to come so there isn't a rush or I'd be livid about the error.

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