Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clipping Along

We ended up missing out on the drive in over the long weekend and will try for it again this Friday night. I need to remember to keep fun things in my life.

In a few weeks we are hosting a small get together for people we used to work with. Now that most of us have gone separate ways, it is nice to come together and catch up and chat about business ideas and issues.

This week has been spent finalizing print and online ads with YellowPages. I just paid for the contract yesterday so all is well there.

I'm also a little behind in sending out Thank You notes for people who have referred other people. They are all done now and just need stamps.

One sign that I'm mentally in a better place is that I've started looking for places to go again. That is a good thing. D thinks he can swing a getaway after all in the fall if his proposal for working remote is accepted.

We won't know for probably another month. There aren't any massive seat sales going on right now so no huge rush to take action.

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