Monday, August 30, 2010

Planning Ahead

The trip is booked. We are going back to France in the fall. D got confirmation of his pro-rated allowed time off as well as confirmed details of working remote at Christmas time.

All this added up to him being able to take a week off. So we are booked. It is going to be paid for with his signing bonus.

A couple of capital expenses potentially loom for the fall/winter as well. We are pricing out snow blowers and winter tires and rims. It will likely end up costing just under $2000 for both.

D's new wagon is equipped with new all season tires. We may see how they work before springing for winter ones.

Depending on the type of winter we get and the amount of work we wish to do, a snow blower may not be needed.

I guess it will depend if I want to be out there shovelling before 8:30 am. Right now, the answer is no. All I would be wanting to do is walkways and sidewalks. I won't have time to handle driveways.


  1. France in the fall how exciting! Any particular places in France?

  2. Hi Sue!

    Yes, back to Nice. It's like home for us.

    The countdown is on for your race...