Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Odds & Sods

The roof over our sun room needs to be replaced according to D. I haven't gotten around to calling our trusted roofer for a quote. It's a small job that D and a friend (who owes him a roof job) can do but D has too much on his plate so it will be a hire out job this time.

We finally decided that growing vegetables are not our forte. We definitely spent more money on buying pots, soil, plants etc than we got back in produce. What we did get to eat was great but it just wasn't enough to be sustainable. So it will be back to supporting local farmers next year.

With the summer BBQ season, I've noticed our meat consumption go up and the way I feel, go down. Could be all the stress of my work change this summer too. But I'm back on the reduced meat band wagon. Come to think of it, it could also be all the ice cream I've been eating too.... :)

End of summer sparks a lot of summer sales. D and I managed to pick up some summer work clothing on drastic sale from stores we'd never buy from otherwise.

I've decided on a work strategy. As I am loving the shorten work week, I will be doing my best to schedule myself this way first and only use the extra day when there is no other way around it.

Income wise, we've just gone through (last day today) what is traditionally two of the slowest months of the year. My income has been on target and slightly above.

If the regular work cycle follows, it will get busier come the fall. And if I've managed this last month working 3 less days... then it is looking good for future sustainability. At least that is what I tell myself. Time will tell.

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