Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Over

***I just read an article at Iceland Review about a DVD that is out about an Icelandic Horse named Kraftur (means Power). Here is the trailer for it. I am going to buy the documentary. Made me teary eyed. The facebook fan page has some great pictures.***

My adult TV debut was yesterday. I'm pretty positive I hyperventilated the entire time. My colleague who was supposed to have been there was running late so I had to do the interview by myself despite my trying to stall things.

I thought we were going to have some sort of a script but it was not done that way. He had forgotten to print off the list of questions I sent...and wanted us to just wing it. A control freak like me has a hard time with stuff like that especially when what comes out of my mouth will be permanently recorded.

The camera was going to be on the entire time and we had one shot at it. Great, I thought. Plus I couldn't look directly at the camera, instead at my interviewer who was running the camera. I felt my eyes wanting to move towards the lens...probably made for a "neat" effect... oh brother!

My microphone I had to feed under my clothes fell off but was easily fixed. I'm sure my face was really red the whole time as the camera was really close to my face. He asked some basic questions and some tougher ones too. I just kept talking.

So my associate got there right in the last minute of my thanking the viewers and clients for their time. The crew took some shots of the office and then left. Then the party began.

I did drink 1 1/2 glasses of wine after. Ate some super hor d'oeuvres and felt much better. We had a great showing at the open house. I think everyone had a good time. D is hoping we'll throw another one at Christmas time.

I am taking the next 4 Fridays off. That's as much as I can manage this summer with all the changes. D is officially converted to full time next Monday. And we are expecting his first pay check from this new contract job any time. Things are good!


  1. I bet your interview was great! Enjoy those 4 next fridays off as you deserve it.

  2. I'd rather be sailingAugust 12, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    Wow... didn't know I was following the blog of a TV star.

    Next it will be a TV reality show with cameras following you in your daily life at the clinic.

    Kidding aside, I'm sure the interview went well. Interesting how we tend to be critical of ourselves when usually it is not warranted.

    Nice to know you were doing it for YOURSELF and your new business venture and not for others.

    Enjoy your Fridays... I went part-time this past year and have never regretted it... I read somewhere that work will fill the time you allot it... I suspect you will be just as productive and perhaps more efficient knowing you have a shorter work week.

    Look forward to catching up on your blogs in Sept... heading out this weekend for the North Channel and hopefully 3 great weeks of sailing and gunk holing the various hideaways the beautiful North Georgian Bay has to offer.

  3. Wow, scary stuff. Good for you for conquering your fears and just doing it anyway. You're my new hero!!!

  4. Thanks Sue. I hope so too. It's supposed to come out in Sept sometime. We have been promised a copy.

    Hi I'd rather be sailing!

    That's not funny... :)

    Have a wonderful time in the North Channel. D's parents are avid boaters (motorized) and boat out of Wiarton because they love Georgian Bay.

    Thanks Makky's Mom! I don't know about hero but it sure was scary. My colleague calls it exhilarating...but she loves the lime light.