Monday, August 16, 2010

New to Us Car

Long story, but we are picking up a new to us car today. It is a 2004 Subaru Outback wagon with 96000 km on it. We bought it on Saturday for $11500 and will be trading in D's 2005 Honda Civic Coupe, with 125000 km.

The reason for the swap, considering we just bought the Civic last summer (almost to the day) was that D had a couple of incidents with his car last week neither one of us are happy about. The car didn't perform well under semi emergency maneuvers.

Add to it my back hurts after riding in it after 2hrs and the decision to make a change was fairly easy. Perhaps the newer Civics have better suspension and ride but the one we have allows us to feel every little line on the road. Not good after a meal.

Because it is still in great shape, we got a good trade in amount for it. The difference will be paid with savings.

I just secured insurance for the Subaru. Despite it being a more expensive car, it is actually cheaper to insure as it isn't nearly the target to be stolen like Civics are. We will be saving just over $19 a month.

D is really excited at the prospect of owning his first "old man" wagon. He joked that he will now need to buy himself a Tilley hat....

It is also a good choice as my vehicle is getting up there in age, unlike the used Infinity G35x I almost took on a test drive...

However we will be sacrificing the great gas mileage we have gotten used to with the Civic for all wheel drive and extra safety features.


  1. I love those "old man wagons" :) I think that was a great choice in vehicles. Have a great week!

  2. PiC's not even mid 30s yet and he's ready for the old man wagon. He claims it's for dogs but I dunno .... either way, I balk at the painfully low gas mileage tradeoff in comparison with the excellent gas sippers we already own.

  3. Hi Sue!

    I just got D's feedback from his co-workers...all the guys think it looks really cool and they are shocked at how well taken care of it was. All in all, good reviews -- rode great coming home last night. It is lower than my CRV so it will make putting bikes and kayaks on top easier.

    Hi Revanche!

    Yes, the change back to the gas mileage we had before the Civic will likely come as a shock. The Outback has almost identical gas mileage as my CRV so at least there won't be too much of a surprise there. D is already finding having a 4 door car again so much easier. I'm partial to a hatch back because of the amount of stuff we bring to the cottage and back.

  4. Congrats. Subaru Outback is a great car. Have fun driving it!

  5. Thanks Sandra! It is getting it's first trip up to the cottage tonight!