Monday, July 26, 2010

Good News

It will be a long weekend for us Canadians this week. I've decided to take Friday off (yeah!) so we can head up to the cottage for 4 days. The weather is supposed to be less hot and humid, a welcomed relief from all the humidity as of late.

D was officially offered a full time position with his company last Friday. It wasn't supposed to happen until his contract came to an end in October but we are not complaining. Having pension matching, benefits and a signing bonus are good things to have sooner.

What this will mean is that our plans for France in the fall will not work. We were going to go for a couple of week after his contract ended, before full time started. Now that he is converted earlier (as early as a few weeks from now), the holiday prorated time starts and he won't be eligible for that much time off the remainder of the year.

The amount his is allowed, he wants it to go towards our time out west. He has been staring at his ski pass ever since it arrived and cannot wait until ski session. The rest of us think he is out of his mind. I haven't had enough walks on the beach yet.


  1. Congrats! Pension matching and benefits are great! Have a great time this weekend.

  2. Thanks Sandra!

    We are really pumped about it!