Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Things

I'm getting very close to be able to get my 8 inches of hair cut off for our local cancer society.

Right now it is a matter of having enough time to even go out and get a hair cut. Hoping it will happen next week.

When this work week is done, we'll have put our first month in the new office behind us. It has been successful and starting to feel somewhat "normal" now.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the electricity bill with the summer being so warm this year.

It seems like I'm noticing the yearly increases of various expenses more so this year than previous. Little things have a way of adding up.

Not sure why, but I just received notice of some of my regular monthly expenses go up by close to $7 a month and it made me stop and notice.

I'm probably just hyper aware right now as I am still working through a lot of expenses that pop up day to day in the business.


  1. Not sure which expenses they are but could they have been impacted by the HST on July 1st?

    BTW; thanks for answering my question about "what" it was that you do.


  2. Hi Joanne;

    You are absolutely right on the HST. It was that that made the $7 difference!

  3. Like you, my expenses also goes up (and rarely down) - especially utilities and such. Even the company that collects garbage increased the bill by $1 last time I paid it. I'm positive they'll increase by another dollar or two before the end of the year.