Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking for Balance Again

My new mortgage amounts based on the Bank of Canada recent quarter point increase were posted this morning. The house mortgage payment is going up by $4.96 a payment while the ski condo has gone up by $1.60 a payment.

Last time, the quarter point increase translated to $5.20 and $1.69 respectively.

I was grumbling a bit to D last night about how many waking hours I spend on "work" now and if this was really all that worth it. Sure I have money coming in but that isn't usually enough for me. I don't even have a day off planned for the summer anymore!

He kindly reminded me that I didn't plan for all of this to happen. They left me really with no choice but to leave. Another couple of people have resigned. They have called an emergency meeting with the few that are left to convince them to stay, I'm guessing.

I waver between accepting my current situation and outright outrage. Being a true entrepreneur is hard work. My previous work scenario was the "Coles Notes" version of self employed. I'm having to step up now and I don't always like it. Now I understand how people can spend 50, 60 hrs a week working.

The pendulum will end up more in the middle soon...I hope :)

Meanwhile, I'm ready to take a couple of days off.


  1. But, you're not working just for the money, right? You're making a difference in people's lives. The long hours you put in allow you to improve your community and change the world, one person at a time. Right?

    Sometimes I get really impatient with work, wishing I could retire tomorrow (at age 33, it's not likely). I've found I feel that way most often when I'm focused on money. When I focus my thinking on how I can bring my expertise to bear on improving people's (finacial) lives, I feel better about all the administration and other work that goes with it.

  2. Hi Robert;

    No, I'm not just working for the money and I have to admit I get paid well for my efforts.

    I just started calculating the number of hours and how much my income was and it was starting to look like I was working at camp again...

    It is getting better. I'm into week 3 and yesterday was the best day yet. Change, when it is not travel related, isn't something I enjoy too much.

  3. You will find your balance.

    Growing up with business owner parents gave me a lot of insight regarding how tough it is to actually make it successful. At the beginning they worked long hours, weekends, holidays, and while on vacation.

    But of course that's the decision they made. My husband’s dad had his own practice & worked so much, J hardly ever saw him while he was growing up! J and I decided not to go that route. We'd rather earn less money and spend more time with our kids.

  4. Hi Sandra!

    I am glad that you and J have decided to take a more balanced route for your family. The time you miss with your kids can't be made up later.

    I am already finding I have to put down strong boundaries with respect to work or else I can easily turn into a workaholic. There is always something to do.

  5. Hey

    nice to meet you:)
    are you just beginning a company or already an entrepreneur?
    I am a beginner, and because I see that I spend up to 16 hours per day creating my can and should be done more productively.
    Strategic Thinking comes to the table!
    what are your thoughts on this?

    have a great day

  6. Hi Martyna;

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I've been in business for 13 yrs now but the first time managing all the aspects of administration. I've always had an administrator and staff on hand.

    I definitely agree about those 16 hr days. Didn't believe I had it in me to work so long but I think true ownership brings that out.