Thursday, July 15, 2010

Communications Expense

I was talking to a mom of a couple of teenagers who was complaining about the lack of student jobs out there this summer as there are a lot of adults who have had to take those jobs. The economy in our area is still slumped.

Her daughter really needs the job so that she can pay her mom back for the large cell phone bill she had racked up -- in the tune of $350 for 1 month of texting etc. Apparently she didn't read the fine print of her plan.

Being a new cell phone plan owner myself, I wanted to know who they were with, what plan did they have and why such high usage?

Of course when the "why such high usage?" question came around, they looked at me like I had 4 heads, as if it was obvious...everyone has a cell phone and if you are anyone, you have someone to talk to and many people who would want to talk to you...

My 2nd month of the plan ends next week and I've used just over 1100 mins this month, again with no minutes for personal use. I payed for my phone after seeing just over 2 clients.

The technology enables me to do business and make money. I wouldn't have a plan otherwise. I just don't see why a high school student would need a cell phone plan that costs $50/month minimum. It is a pure expense with no real gain. Maybe I'm just not social enough to understand.

When you calculate how much people can potentially spend on the area of "communications" each month, it can be staggering. This category can include cable, home phone, Internet, cell phone, satellite, data sticks, data plans, web hosting, domain registration, online ads...

I guess that is the new reality.

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