Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Banking Hiccup

There are days where things do not run easily and no amount of pushing will help. It's easier just to step back and let it go, put it on another day's "to do" list.

I'm having a partial one of those days. I say partial because I consider myself wise enough to back off at the first taste of such resistance.

I made 3 bank deposits last week. I made one last night and it got chosen to be "held" for some unknown reason.

After talking to a bank representative and having been told the "book" explanation, they still couldn't answer why the discrepancy or is this going to happen again?

Now I have someone I know at the bank working on for me and am waiting for the call back.

I'm thinking I'll be told that my sudden frequency of deposits have triggered some security at the computer level and hopefully it can be reset to accommodate my new deposit reality.

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