Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Car & Cell Phone

Our car insurance premium renewal came yesterday and I was a bit nervous opening it.

It was good news -- only an increase of $1.62 a month! We'll take it. My colleague's wife got hers and likely because of an accident whereby there was a total vehicle write off, her insurance more than doubled -- Ouch!

Today I get to call Bell about my cell phone bill again. I get to talk to the manager this time. Hopefully my plan will get sorted out properly. My visit to the store didn't get me too far.

According to my usage records since my last bill 2 weeks ago, I've already used 775 minutes. Crazy, for someone who've never had a cell phone plan before and I've not used it to talk to anyone I know personally. It's been all business.

My plan is for 600 minutes a month but the promotion was for unlimited for 6 months, which is why I took it as I figured on doing a lot of notification calling.

The unlimited part is what is missing and I was billed for the difference last month. I don't want to be calling every month to fix things.


  1. $1.62 more/month isn't bad.

    Since you're on your own now and probably do need to talk on the phone re business more often, unlimited plan sounds like a good idea.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    I'd say! So relieved with respect to the car insurance premium.

    Talked to the store manager and was assured the right codes are now in for my plan.

    We'll see when the next bill gets issued!