Monday, July 5, 2010

On Budgets & New Work

We were at Costco this weekend and a thought came to me. Bulk shopping has a big impact on cash flow. I know, obvious, but being surrounded by shopping carts full of stuff when you are the only one buying 1 thing at the time, really sent the message home.

How do people budget for huge food and household purchases like that? I know for us, it wouldn't work well. Our food budget wouldn't go very far there.

Sure, there are some great savings to be had. That's why we are members. You almost need a totally separate account for those once a week/month etc. purchases for "stocking up". We don't have such an account so when we do do a big shop there, it uses up our food account for the month.

The surprises haven't stopped. I may not get all of my pay at once after all. They are still "thinking about it". In reality, I know the pay cheques have already been calculated and ready to go so it may be a control/passive aggressive thing to keep me in limbo.

If truth be told, this kind of stuff just gets me more motivated to do better.

My first solo work day went pretty well. A few forgetful moments and doing the new things out of order but all in all, I was satisfied and relieved. Money wise, I made $5 less than if I was still working where I was -- Almost on par with instant cash flow.

Let's hope it will be sustainable which will mean I've transitioned my business successfully.


  1. You definitely did the right thing making the escape. It will be better and better now.

  2. I usually go to Costco once/month and when I go, I do spend a lot on buying stuff like: toilet paper, dog food, cat food, litter, and mostly stuff that we can keep and use for awhile. Large jars or boxes of food items usually go to waste so I try not to buy those there.

  3. No doubt in my mind that your first day would be a success. I've got a small buget for food so the Costco bulk shopping wouldn't work for me but I'm sure it's a savings for larger families. Here's to another successful week for you!

  4. Hi Lizzie!

    Thank you! I'm keeping my fingers that that will be case!

    Hi Sandra!

    We don't buy the large packages of perishable food either. With the 2 of us, it doesn't make sense. Flour and other baking stuff being the exceptions.

    Hi Sue!

    To be honest, I wasn't as optimistic for my first day so it was great to be surprised.

    My mind needs to understand that I really am still doing mostly what I did before vs. thinking I am embarking on something totally new and feeling not confident.