Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tired & Warm but Good

We are in the midst of a massive heat wave here in Southern Ontario. I've done my best with using the AC sparingly. When our next hydro bill comes, we'll be able to see how successful our efforts have been.

D and I walked to the bank after my work last night to put in the day's deposits. It felt strange and my mind was thinking it wasn't much money so I wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic. I enjoyed the walk.

In reality, I have been used to thinking of my income as a monthly total paid bi-monthly, never a daily total. The daily numbers are supposed to be relatively smaller.

It's all perception and what I've been used to, that's all. Plus I'm impatient to see how the month turns out.

Apparently there was a group meeting where I used to work to tell everyone left to put their game faces on and that there is a great relationship between them and me still... (oh brother)

Some of my coworkers came by yesterday to wish us well and brought us some flowers and plants. What a great boost that was!


  1. I see from the weather channel that it's HOT,HOT,HOT and humid in southern Ontario. So glad it missed us here as I've already had enough of the hot/humidity and the bugs for one summer. Try to stay cool! Very nice of your ex-coworkers. It's nice to know that some people have class. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Thanks Sue! You summed it up perfectly -- It's nice to know that some people have class! Have a great weekend!