Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wrapping Up

I found out yesterday I'll be getting one final cheque next month instead of the customary 2. That's amazing news as I'll be starting with higher than normal cash flow in my first month of true proprietorship.

Administratively I went over my accounts receivable with my office administrator and there are 2 accounts outstanding that will be written off for now. Should it ever get collected, I'll get a little bonus cheque. Total amount just over $400 so not bad at all.

Yesterday the pendulum swung back towards the "uncooperative" side of the scale. Such petty passive aggressive and grasping at control tactics, I am happy to be getting out of there.

I'm no longer scared. The momentum has shifted and no matters what happens, I am putting myself and my business in a better place now.

My new business cards and "I'm Moving" postcards arrived yesterday. They will be put to work today. I'm hoping to get most if not all preparatory things done soon so I can enjoy our Canada Day long weekend next week. After that, it is show time.

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