Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once Overs

My car insurance renewal ought to be showing up soon. There has been a lot of talk "out there" about rates going up this year for no apparent reason.

I don't know how others approach raising rates but here is what we try and do. For example, if our house insurance has gone up say $20 a month, we'll look for another place to save $20.

It can mean changing deductibles, dropping an optional coverage, eating out less, putting money in a different investment vehicle to gain more fixed income etc.

There are no categories that aren't scoured to look for savings. It's a neat exercise. A forced "once over" if you will.

Inevitably, we get to a point where the cut backs on certain categories will have been maxed out. I can say we are getting close for some.

Funny day yesterday. All of a sudden there has been an about face with respect to attitude from the owners.

Apparently they had seen our websites and realize we are serious competitors now. So what would they like? To cross link between our sites... so we can promote each other... the comedy just does not end...


  1. They do seem just unbelievable. I think you made a good escape.

  2. Yes, Lizzie, I do believe you are right!