Thursday, June 10, 2010

Regular Stuff

A lot of people are awaiting their first of three HST rebate checks to show up in a direct deposit account or by mail starting today.

I too am waiting and hoping to get one these checks. As a family, we could get up to $1000 spread over 3 payments if we qualify. They are an effort of the government to lessen the blow of the harmonized tax that will come into effect July 1st.

We have been "eating from our fridge/pantry" this week in the effort to use up food stuffs so that they wouldn't get freezer burn from sitting too long or expired from being forgotten.

So far so good. It's a nice feeling to see the space appear in the freezer again -- to be filled with new stuff.

I broke down and took an allergy pill yesterday. There is so much stuff floating through the air that I couldn't handle it anymore. Normally I hate taking medicine of any sort but it couldn't be helped as I thought my eyeballs were going to burst or get scratched out by yours truly.

The construction that started in March a block away from us has ended. They did a good job and it is nice to be able to sit outside and open windows again without being covered in dust.


  1. were still waiting for our direct deposit of the hst and its 855 am

  2. Hi Anonymous;

    D and I are still waiting too. I'm also not seeing a notice on the "my account" area of the cra website so that may be our answer. I cross my fingers for you though!

    Hi Sandra!

    It's our new harmonized sales tax. We currently have 2 sales taxes and depending on what you buy, one or both applies.

    By combining them and making it applicable to everything, some things will increase in price by 8%.