Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tug o' War

I'm a bit sick and tired of thinking of work so much. It's not like me to do so.

Then there are the calculations of how much it will cost me should I end up cancelling my trips -- $1422 -- doesn't make things any better knowing I'll have paid that amount to see absolutely nothing.

OK. Enough complaining.

Philosophically, I feel I shouldn't have to cancel anything; new business implementation or not. I know I may be acting a bit spoiled here and doing the equivalent of stamping my foot and shirking responsibility.

But, I do believe I have worked long enough and is established enough to be able to pull this off. So the 2 sides of me have been battling it out for the last week or so.

No side has claimed victory yet.

***My above mini rant doesn't even rate compared to the news we just got from friends who found out their youngest child has a rare genetic disorder that will render him unlikely to live much into adulthood.

Words cannot express our shock and sadness for them and their family.***


  1. You're entitled to rant however much or little you like on your own blog! I can imagine the frustration and uncertainty about trying to figure out what to do. I find - sometimes - that it helps to just stop thinking about it for a while, or at least not focus on it so much (easier said than done, I know). These things then have a funny way of going "ding! Problem solved" all on their own.

    And such sad news about your friends! Heartbreaking. I can't even begin to imagine how you'd come to terms with learning something like that. But the other side of that coin is that this can really put your own problems into much greater perspective.

    Hang in there!

  2. Ditto with what Northern Living Allowance said. You should be able to vent through your blog!

    It must be terribly hard knowing that their child will not live much longer. But they shouldn't give up hope. Sometimes miracles happen. I hope the child gets to live a full and happy life before he/she departs this life.

  3. Hi Northern Living Allowance & Sandra!

    Thanks to you both!

    Yes, the situation with our friend's family is very difficult. One parent will have to leave work in order to care for their child.

  4. What terrible news for your friends, my heart goes out to them. These are the reasons why we have to make the best of everyday and live our lives to the fullest.