Friday, June 11, 2010

2nd Meeting

My meeting the other day was unsatisfying. In a nutshell, they weren't prepared and it did feel like a waste of my time.

However, a number was thrown out into the mix as a "starting point". When I did the preliminary calculations, it doesn't make enough sense. I'll delve into it deeper this weekend.

More importantly, it doesn't look like my current rate will continue until the negotiations are done so that doesn't sit well with me as it was a condition of my continued participation in these discussions.

I toured another potential business location and there is potential there. One of my reservations is that the owner of the business doesn't have an established business direction and structure but is open to ideas.

To me, that translates into "I am open to changes but you will have to lead". I don't know how I feel about that -- walking in and organizing someone else's business.

The bottom line is that they aren't currently used to doing business in the scale that I have been working at. The owner appears to be an honest person and that means a lot. This avenue will take time to develop.


  1. Ah ~ that's too bad.
    Sounds like you'll have to put in more time & effort if you want to go with the new location. So it all depends on what you feel comfortable with.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    Yes, It won't be a straight transition to a new location so I will be working out of my home office first.

    Should the new talks go well, then it will mean another move. That looks like the best I can do under the circumstances.